266 Walter Road West, Morley, Perth



Welcome to the most popular restaurant and shisha place in Perth

Food and Hookah together in our Shisha Lounge

Australia’s most exciting and engaging restaurant specifically designed to cater to the energetic nightlife scene of one of our country’s most popular cities. As one of Perth’s most popular restaurants, we’re excited to share our amazing menu complete with premiere food and drink options, including our famous Hookah Flavors!
Trust us, Flying Monkeys' is going to take Perth by storm. Come and join in on the fun, we’re always looking for a chance to showcase everything that we can do!

Flying Monkeys restaurant & Shisha Lounge Ribs and Bufallo wings
Chicken Shawarma platter

Our Restaurant & Shisha Lounge Is Open Till Late

Open To You, Every Day Of The Week Till Late.
Flying Monkeys' is known for a few things, our food, our drinks, our environment, our hookah bar, our shisha nights and most importantly, the fact that we’re the only restaurants in Perth open 12-plus hours 7-days per week! That’s right, you heard it here first! We want our customers to be able to enjoy everything we have to offer them whenever they want! So if you find yourself walking around Perth at 10 P.M on a Thursday night, head on over and grab some Food and Hookah!! You won’t be disappointed!



These are some images of our popular items including Kebabs, Steaks, Shawarma, Burgers, Charcoal Chicken, Kafta, Ribs, Lasagne, Pancakes, Coffee, Beer, Shisha and more!

Flying Monkeys Restaurant & Shisha Lounge's Cocktail
Coffee with a cookie
Blue moon beer in a glass
kebab with chips
Ribs with chips
Shawarma with rice and salad
Pancakes with maple syrup
Steak with chips and salad
beef burger with fries
family eating at Flying Monkeys Restaurant & Shisha Lounge
Chicken grilling on charcoal
Grilled chicken with salad and chips
Chicken Parmigiana with chips and salad
Lemon & Pepper Squid rings with fries
Grilled Salmon
Kafta skewers with rice and salad
our mixed platter
cake & waffle
Pool table at our Hookah lounge