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Best food in Western Australia:

Western Australia consists of one third of the country and is one of the biggest tourist attractions. It is also a home to a variety of foods. It is the best place to satisfy your taste buds. Anyone after visiting Western Australia will no doubt speak volumes of its delicious foods. The restaurants of Western Australia with a variety of quality foods have tided over the restaurants in any other part of the country. Western Australia is also famous for its wines across the globe. Taste as well as quality is seen cheek by jowl in the food of West Australian restaurants and food corners. The truffles and seafood cuisines in Western Australia are very famous for their taste. In a nutshell, the quality and taste of west Australian food is praiseworthy and unparalleled. After reading this whole article you will surely take a fancy to the taste of West Australian food. 

Best food in Perth

Perth, capital of Western Australia is the sunniest and windiest city of Australia. Perth is known as the most isolated city in the world. It is a home to a number of mouth watering dishes. Perth is quite famous for seafood cuisines. The main reason is its proximity to Indian Ocean. Sea food has a large variety and food points in the region. Let’s have a look at famous sea foods which are recommended by food experts and visitors.

Types of seafood platters
Types of Seafood platters

Manjimup Truffles

The region is famous for truffles and Manjimup truffles are the most famous variety of this cuisine. 80% of Australia’s truffles are made in Western Australia. Many restaurants offer a variety of truffles and each one is worth giving a try. But if you visit the region and want to try the best choice, manjimup truffles are the most recommended category. It’s unique and mouth watering flavor is enough to satisfy your taste buds to the fullest. 

Sea food:

It’s unfair not to mention the sea food, for which Perth is famous around the country. It has a wide range of options to offer. It includes freshwater fishes and freshest seafood. Restaurants offer different types of fish, crabs, lobsters and what not! You can also hunt fish for yourself and they will cook it for you. Other than restaurants, Perth is famous for fishing spots too. Tourists like to go to those places and pick fishes for themselves. 


Lamb chops and Lupins:

Food culture in Western Australia is very trendy and experimental. This region produces 80% of Lupin of the whole world. Lupins are a great source of protein and considered to be very healthy. For being mass producers, Perth offers its best quality dishes. Lamb chops and lupins are very famous and tasty dishes to try on your next visit to Western Australia.

Other than these main course dishes, Perth has a lot more variety for foodies. The bars and coffee shops are also up for customer’s attraction. Let’s have a review of these below:

Best ice cream parlours in Perth

Food is incomplete without desserts. There are a lot of high reviewed ice cream parlours in Perth that are worth visiting at least once. 

These ice cream parlours are liked by the tourists to the backbone. The most famous and worth the money joints in Perth are: 

  1. Loud Gelato
  2. Jersey Jack Gelato
  3. Gusto Gelato
Different flavors of Gelato

Best bars in Perth

There are uncountable bars in Western Australia and especially in Perth. The bars in Perth consist of lion’s share of all the bars in Western Australia. Rank and file visit these bars every day. Here is the list of the most famous bars in Perth:

  1. Long Chim
  2. Bobeche
  3. Varnish on king
  4. Helvetica

Best food in Morley

Morley, a city of Western Australia is situated approximately 9 km away from Perth. It’s a modern city with all the basic facilities of life. It has won laurels for being a great area to devour food in its best restaurants. The food is also very tasty there and has a large variety of dishes. According to tourists’ reviews, you can find different main dishes such as chicken satay, chicken laksa, hainanese chicken rice, nasi lamak etc. in their finest taste.

Other than these local food items, this place also has international cuisine restaurants available in the city. You can find the best quality Chinese food there. It serves chili pepper spare ribs, prawns, clay pot seafood tofu and many other Chinese specialties. This place is exclusively famous for serving a variety of good quality Asian food.

Best bars in Morley:

Like Perth, Morley is also famous for its bars across the country. 

Bar setup
Typical bar setup

Here are some of the best bars in Morley:

  1. Varsity Morley
  2. The Morley
  3. Byte nyte

Food of Denmark, Western Australia

Denmark is a quiet town situated on the southern coastline of Western Australia. There are many food producers on the route of Denmark. Following are the best places in Denmark where you can find quality food materials to devour:

Denmark berry Farm

Denmark berry farm is a lovely place for ice cream and berries’ lovers. It’s a perfect place for strawberries, blueberries, ice cream, jam or whatever you want.

Bartholomew’s meadery

Bartholomew’s meadery is a best place in Denmark for ice cream lovers. Indeed, it’s highly reviewed for the best quality of honey and ice cream.

Flying Monkeys restaurant and Shisha lounge, Perth

Flying monkeys shisha is one of the best restaurants in Western Australia and also in the Continent. It is also famous for the shisha nights and their serene environment in Australia. It is also famous for American dishes. Nevertheless, it’s also famous for other international dishes around the world. 

Fast eddys menu morley
A flying monkey specialty

The taste and services of flying monkey’s restaurant and shisha lounge are best. Some of the most liked dishes of flying monkey’s restaurant and shisha lounge are given below:


  • Chicken Parmigiana
  • Lahm Kebab
  • Grilled salmon
  • Pancakes
  • Steak


These were the best food items in Western Australia that can make your day by the taste and quality of their meals. It is clear now that the restaurants of Western Australia are amazing out and out. The taste of West Australian food is amazing over and above the beauty of Western Australia. Many people who love to visit different corners of the world would be really curious to visit Western Australia on the score of its food. By and large, the food culture of Western Australia is very famous around the globe and particularly around the continent. The taste of the West Australian food has brought down the house in the previous years. Many food contests are organized annually in Western Australia and the winners bear the palm in these annual contests. No doubt, West Australian restaurants and bars have carried the day for providing the best food.


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