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Why is Shisha…FUN?

Shisha is a growing trend all around the world. Started from the Middle East and now every country has transformed its flavors and tastes according to their own preferences. They have also become a status symbol and some people also smoke it as a replacement to cigarettes. Perth shisha lounges have also evolved within the […]

What makes WA so great?

Western Australia is the most lively and amazing place to live and visit. This region has the most beautiful beaches, sceneries and a lot more. This part is known for being rich too. Australia’s largest gold mine exists there. So with the great wealth, comes great luxuries. Western Australia is known for its lavish nightlife […]

Nightlife in Perth

Had a busy day and wanted to take off some steam? If you live in Perth, then it would be a piece of cake. Perth even being the sunniest city of Australia, has indeed a great nightlife. There are a number of bars, pubs, restaurants and some of the best concerts going-on, on any given […]

Food at Flying Monkey

As Western Australia covers almost 1/3rd portion of the entire nation, there are a quite number of restaurants here. The restaurants in this area offer food in almost every category, whether it is traditional or a modern cuisine, Western Australia got you covered. However, the flying monkeys (previously known as Fast Eddy’s) located in Morley, […]

Dine Ins – How to tackle them.

Food culture in Western Perth: Western Australia has always been a favorite vacation destination for tourists from around the world. It is quite famous for its diverse food culture. Western Australia restaurants are globally famous for being rich in the taste and culture food joints of the country. You can find the best local and […]

Best Food culture in WA

Best food in Western Australia: Western Australia consists of one third of the country and is one of the biggest tourist attractions. It is also a home to a variety of foods. It is the best place to satisfy your taste buds. Anyone after visiting Western Australia will no doubt speak volumes of its delicious […]

The history of shisha

Shisha – Throughout time What is Shisha? And how is it so famous? This is a question which a lot of hookah lovers have,  Allow us to clear it.  Shisha or Hookah as most people would say is something which connects a lot of people. It is basically a flavoured tobacco from a water pipe […]

How can a restaurant stand out amongst others?

How can a restaurant stand out amongst others? A restaurant is a place that provides a lot of different things for different types of people. A get together spot for family members on the weekends, a relaxation place for office goers who are busting themselves for the whole week, a treating place for kids which […]

Why is Flying Monkeys Morley the best in Perth?

What makes a restaurant and shisha lounge great? Good food? Great Ambience? Terrific shisha? Drinks for the soul? And the list goes on and on. In Perth, there are said to be a whole lot of places which provide those things but there is always something which makes a regular aussie say, “Blimey, I wish […]

Is Shisha better than Cigarettes?

Is Shisha better than Cigarettes? Smoking cigarettes has been a stress buster for many of us. Most of us enjoy smoking cigarettes disregarding the harm it causes to our body. Is there a safer alternative? Is there a way you could not inhale the smoke? Definitely, there is. While smoking shisha, it is completely up […]

Restaurant Style Fish & Chips Recipe

Restaurant Style Fish & Chips Recipe Are you craving the seafood or fish and chips in particular? Do you want to have it right away instead of waiting for hours before your fish & chips are ready to eat, then you have the option of going to the Flying Monkeys Restaurant & Shisha Lounge for […]

Burgers and its origins

Burgers and its origins We all know how easy it is to get a hamburger or a cheese burger at your favorite restaurant, drive-thru burger joint or even at a deli near you. But, did you know how it got into existence? According to many, the name hamburger has been given a German city called […]

Dine-In Take-Away or Home-Delivery, whichever you prefer

Dine-In Take-Away or Home-Delivery, whichever you prefer Flying Monkeys Restaurant & Shisha Lounge has been in business to serve our customers whichever way they prefer, be it Dine-in, take-away or delivering to your places through our trusted delivery partners including Uber Eats. Our main focus is on making people enjoy our delicious food anywhere they […]

Perth’s best venue for family functions, office or birthday parties!

Looking for office party, family function or kids party venue? We got you covered! Flying Monkeys Restaurant & Shisha Lounge can provide you the best service for your office events, family functions and birthday parties. Our dining area with a capacity of over 200 makes us Perth’s best family function and office party venue. Not […]

Things You Can Do In Perth During School Holidays

Things You Can Do In Perth During School Holidays Apart from having a great breakfast, lunch or dinner at Flying Monkeys Restaurant, there are a few other things you can do during these school holidays in Perth. Kids can be overwhelming sometimes, specially the younger ones who are yet to become a teenager. Mental and […]

Burger Pizza Grilled Chicken Kebab Seafood at a restaurant near you.

Burger Pizza Grilled Chicken Kebab Seafood Salads – We got it all. If you are trying to search “best restaurant near me” or “food near me” the chances are you will visit us as there are not many restaurants who offer the range of food and drinks as we do. Whether you are looking for […]

The best restaurant in Perth For middle eastern food

The best restaurant in Perth For middle eastern food If you were looking for one of the Best restaurants in Perth for a middle eastern delight, you found one. Flying Monkeys Morley is one of the best restaurants in Perth which offer great food along with Hookah and live music in our lounge. With a […]

Food-Entertainment-Shisha at one place

Food Entertainment & Hookah at one place – Flying Monkeys Restaurant & Shisha Lounge A Shisha place that also sells a great middle eastern food with live music and entertainment is finally here in Perth. Strategically located in Morley, W.A to cater food and Hookah to the people from all over the city. Located just […]

Perth’s Best Restaurant and Hookah Lounge

Perth’s Best Restaurant and Shisha Lounge Flying Monkeys Restaurant & Shisha Lounge (previously Fast Eddy’s) is the only restaurant in Perth which is open more than 12 hours every day. We not only have the great middle eastern food but we also have arguably the best Hookah Lounge in Perth. It is also referred to […]