266 Walter Road West, Morley, Perth

Why is Flying Monkeys Morley the best in Perth?

What makes a restaurant and shisha lounge great? Good food? Great Ambience? Terrific shisha? Drinks for the soul? And the list goes on and on. In Perth, there are said to be a whole lot of places which provide those things but there is always something which makes a regular aussie say, “Blimey, I wish […]

Is Shisha better than Cigarettes?

Is Shisha better than Cigarettes? Smoking cigarettes has been a stress buster for many of us. Most of us enjoy smoking cigarettes disregarding the harm it causes to our body. Is there a safer alternative? Is there a way you could not inhale the smoke? Definitely, there is. While smoking shisha, it is completely up […]

Food-Entertainment-Shisha at one place

Food Entertainment & Hookah at one place – Flying Monkeys Restaurant & Shisha Lounge A Shisha place that also sells a great middle eastern food with live music and entertainment is finally here in Perth. Strategically located in Morley, W.A to cater food and Hookah to the people from all over the city. Located just […]

Perth’s Best Restaurant and Hookah Lounge

Perth’s Best Restaurant and Shisha Lounge Flying Monkeys Restaurant & Shisha Lounge (previously Fast Eddy’s) is the only restaurant in Perth which is open more than 12 hours every day. We not only have the great middle eastern food but we also have arguably the best Hookah Lounge in Perth. It is also referred to […]