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The developing vulnerability of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected the Australian economy and several businesses especially restaurants and pubs. However, in Australia, the problem of dining out with friends or family barely exists as the number of active COVID-19 cases is relatively lower than  major countries like US and China. Restaurants carry out many safety measures including sanitation, social distancing, restricted amount of guests and tracing of customers in case of COVID-19 upsurge. Such types of measures taken are really helpful and are a source of comfort for the people. But still, people are pretending to stay away from dining out and not to visit.

According to a survey it has been seen that the pandemic mostly affects all the industries and there is some certain level of ups and downs in sales and demands of the products. but when it comes to food the trend is the opposite, as food demand is inelastic. In poor countries, food demand and its consumption are high, as fear of income and other things make people consume more food, due to the coronavirus outbreak we have seen that most of the low economic countries undergo starvation as the demands of the food was increased. Economically stable countries have controlled this pandemic and got rid of their food shortage issues by lemmatizing their food supplies. 


Challenges for Restaurants

Australian people love to eat outside, Whether it’s a barbeque or pizzas or even street food. But this COVID- 19 situation has put a hold on everything causing many people with mental and stress issues. As this pandemic has caused many businesses to shut down, the food business has been affected the most from this pandemic. 

Most of the restaurants in the whole of Australia let alone West Perth had to be shutdown. These WA restaurants provide food with a whole new level of taste. Whether it comes to traditional rice or spicy chicken or beef their food is always rich in taste.  

Perhaps people love to visit these streets to grab a beer along with semi-cooked kinds of seafood and veteran food. There used to be a lot of food streets which were supposed to have festivals held but the pandemic has put everything on hold.

Effect of COVID-19 on West Perth Restaurants

As mentioned earlier the spread of Covid-19 had put a hold on a lot of industries be it small scale or large scale. It has been the case throughout the world. But Australia has been one of the few luckiest and smartest countries when it came to tackling the pandemic. Especially in places like Perth, where even though there were lockdowns some restaurants and small businesses had the constant communication with people through the form of delivery/takeaway. The people there in places like Morley and Perth CBD have also been very smart and careful with how to approach things and keeping the count to a much lesser number unlike places like the U.S, Russia and India.

Many people dine in at their homes especially in Australia people are more into this trend and this is one of the reasons that they have fewer cases of COVID as compared to other countries. All the more comprehensively, some small portion of worldwide strategy coordination is basic to keep food protectionism from turning into the post-pandemic new normal. 

Steps to avoid COVID-19 onslaught

In many countries relief packages have been announced to meet the food shortage requirements. Australia has announced a special relief package for the people of Western Australia and many parts surrounding Melbourne. It has been seen that the people are signing petitions for the government to rescue the food industry in this pandemic. Many restaurants have shifted their system to online to provide home deliveries to save their businesses. People are more interested in eating in their homes and avoiding eating in restaurants or other places to protect themselves.

Why was Flying Monkeys a step ahead?

Although Flying Monkeys was a source of attraction for many people, it had to be closed for dine ins during the lockdown. But unlike many people we were still in touch with our customers in the form of Social Media and website support where we took care of people’s needs in the form of delivery. That’s right, we had a dedicated team which focused on delivering you the things you needed at your place so that you don’t miss eating our food. But we have made sure that Safety for both the customer and the delivery executives were of the utmost priority and followed them up to the dot. Even after opening we are following every single norm put out by the government and are also taking customer info if at all a need arises to track. We also urge them to download the COVIDSAFE APP to make sure everyone is being tracked and being healthy.

How should we move forward?

Australia as I had mentioned earlier has been one of the few luckiest countries that have overcome the worst part of the pandemic with very little damage in both the form of economy and life. But since there is no active cure for the virus it is an absolute necessity for the people and the government to stay on toes till a cure is found. The industries should also do their fair share of keeping the virus at bay especially the Food Industry because that is a place where a lot of unknown faces interact and converge at. If we do and also build a healthy immune system, we can be fairly certain that we can overcome this situation as soon as possible.

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