266 Walter Road West, Morley, Perth

Food culture in Western Perth:

Western Australia has always been a favorite vacation destination for tourists from around the world. It is quite famous for its diverse food culture. Western Australia restaurants are globally famous for being rich in the taste and culture food joints of the country. You can find the best local and international cuisines and quality providers in the region. Locals and tourists love to spend their time and money in discovering new eateries and dishes. The region serves a huge variety of tastes and textures in a comfortable and exotic ambiance for a memorable dining experience. 

If we talk about Western Australia’s restaurants, the region has top-quality national and international brands that cover snack shops, main course restaurants, desserts corners, bars and what not! Starting from a variety of street food to a proper meal in a peaceful environment, you will find a restaurant suitable for your taste, budget, and craving. Flying Monkey is also one of those exotic restaurants in Perth that offers amazing food, great ambiance, and many entertainment services for its customers. The restaurant is located in Perth, Morley, and is considered one of the biggest restaurants and shisha lounges in Morley. It has the capacity of serving 200 guests at a time and its mouthwatering menu mainly contains Middle Eastern food.

Why Flying Monkey is worth your next visit:

The restaurant has an astounding environment and a subtle interior. Aside from having great food, we make sure to provide complete and fulfilling dining in experience for our customers to make their visit worth it. We proudly claim to be the best place to eat in Morley serving top quality meals, desserts, cocktails, alcohol, hookah, juices, coffee & tea. Everything you need is offered under one roof along with professional belly dancers keeping you entertained so you can have a fun time while waiting for your food. Flying Monkey Morley, is one of the few licensed Hookah bar and belly dancing restaurants in Perth.

Family enjoying Flying Monkey Food
A cute kid enjoying a dine-in with her family at Flying Monkey

Hookah bar-restaurant: 

As mentioned, flying monkeys have reserved legal rights to sell hookah. We have a wide range of flavors and add-ons. Out of all West Perth restaurants, flying monkey holds the title to provide the best quality hookah flavors. Locals and tourists specially visit us to spend quality time while enjoying hookah and belly dancing along with good quality tasty food.

Menu and dining experience:

The Western Perth restaurants mostly serve Middle Eastern cuisine and flying monkey is no exception. We have a menu consistent with Middle Eastern dishes, an all-day breakfast service, and a memorable nightlife experience. We serve the finest alcohol, juices, flavored hookahs, and best burgers and ribs in Perth. The whole dining experience will make you feel royal and fulfilled. The complete menu with prices is available on the flying monkey website. 

The nightlife of flying monkey:

Flying monkey is mainly aimed to cater to the lively nightlife of Perth. Lighting, Bar, food, and ambiance is reaching the level perfect in terms of quality. You will not find such mesmerizing experiences anywhere else. It serves 7 days a week with more than 12 service hours. 

Belly dancing restaurant
Customers enjoying a belly dancing performance at Flying Monkey

Customer reviews on dining experience:

We have a history of converting our one time visitors into regular customers. Either you are an Australian local or a tourist, your amazing dining experience will force you to come back whenever you are in town. We have thousands of happy customers around the country and the whole world who recommend our services and we are overwhelmed by their reviews and faith in us.


Pricing for our level of quality and taste is market competitive. Although the prices seem a little higher than an average restaurant we assure you that our taste and environment and your whole visit experience will justify the price. You can visit the flying monkey website to see the price range, complete menu and can also reserve your booking in advance as we have a huge number of customers and this extra effort will save you from waiting too long.

Wrapping it up: 

Although every day is a busy day for us, we do not compromise on taste quality or servicing our customers in the best way. Flying monkey is aimed to provide a memorable dining experience for locals to have a quality time and tourists to present a good image of local food culture. Because of having great taste, ambiance and staff, the restaurant is in the good books of bloggers and critics too. We happily announce that our customers are also happy with our services and are willing to pay a little extra for good quality. Now it’s your turn to visit us and let us serve you in the best way!

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