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Is Shisha better than Cigarettes?

Smoking cigarettes has been a stress buster for many of us. Most of us enjoy smoking cigarettes disregarding the harm it causes to our body. Is there a safer alternative? Is there a way you could not inhale the smoke? Definitely, there is. While smoking shisha, it is completely up to you whether you choose to inhale the smoke or not. Smoking shisha from a hookah or a huka is a lot safer, better and healthier as compared to cigarettes. Here’s how:

Why is smoking shisha better than cigarettes?

It is no secret that one of the healthiest substances to inhale is the air that surrounds us, but that brings no joy. You might be a cigarette lover but the long-term health effects of smoking cigarettes won’t be so pleasant. Luckily, smoking shisha using a hookah is a great way for enjoyment as well as harm reduction.


The hookah is a water pipe that helps to not only trap some of the toxins but also cool down the smoke, making it burn your lungs a lot lesser than the traditional cigarette. 

Shisha, being the modern-day version of the hookah, is a water pipe with tobacco smoke running through water. The running water is a much better choice than the cigarette filter, which is made of cellulose acetate fibre. The use of fibre in cigarettes helps the big tobacco companies save a lot of manufacturing costs while you pay the price in terms of your health.

One of the major health benefits of smoking shisha over cigarettes is that while smoking shisha, you can intake teabacco in place of tobacco. Teabacco is a combination of tea leaves and other natural ingredients. High-quality teabacco has fewer carcinogens as compared to tobacco posing lesser health risks compared to cigarettes.

Less Addictive

The mobility of a cigarette makes the addiction more of a threat. The mobility lets you light up a cigarette no matter what the time or place. But, a shisha is stationary and allows you to plan your usage subsequently being less addictive.

Better smell of Hookah

One of the best reasons for adopting a shisha is not having the terrible aftertaste and smell of a cigarette in your mouth, not only for yourself but also for the people that surround you. Shisha allows you to enjoy a plethora of different flavours letting you leave the terrible cigarette smell behind.


Shisha also gives you a chance to enjoy a night out with your friends, helping you become more sociable, and helping you smoke your worries away. With Shisha becoming more and more popular, we see the rise of hookah bars all over Australia. One such lounge is the flying monkeys’ shisha lounge where you can bring your friends along, have some fun and cherish your time together. The lounge offers over 40 different flavours of shisha which can be rented for 2 hours at a time. They also offer a wide range of food from snacks and starters to complete meals.

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Shisha better than Cigarettes
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