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Shisha – Throughout time

What is Shisha? And how is it so famous? This is a question which a lot of hookah lovers have, 

Allow us to clear it. 

What is shisha
Noblemen using Shisha

Shisha or Hookah as most people would say is something which connects a lot of people. It is basically a flavoured tobacco from a water pipe which people smoke through a hose. Sounds complicated right, but it isn’t. The history of hookah was a very interesting one and the way it is influenced in many more countries is something which is even more interesting. 

The first hookah which we know today was dated way back to the 16th century in India. This was found during the manufacture of glass done by the East India company. Smoking tobacco was very famous amongst the noblemen of the society. In order to do the purification of the water base with glass along with the smoke of tobacco was when Hookah was formed.

There is another question that arises among the people, Does shisha have tobacco? Well the answer is Yes. In the 17th century Shisha became part of the Persian culture where they used a strong, dark leaf tobacco called the Ajami, This idea has been passed on to the hookah that we use now. At that time crafting a Hookah pipe was considered as an Art and the craftsmen were proud of their creation. Hookah became accessible for almost everyone and even an industry of Hookah servants emerged. The shah at that time had his own servants for hookah.

Hookah craftsman
A craftsman thoroughly creating the perfect Hookah pot

Shisha Nights

In the 18th century, Hookah migrated into the Turkish culture and underwent a lot of innovative development in the means of its looks. Intricate pipes which had brass designs which are adored with royal and religious markings were created. Hookah was prominent among the high men of the society and was used for almost all kinds of gatherings mostly at nights. This was when the term “Shisha nights” started to emerge. When Hookah was offered at that time it was considered as an important sign of trust and when withheld it was considered a serious insult.

Different Hookah pots throughout time
Different Hookah pots throughout time

The spread of Hookah became evident in the Middle East throughout the 19th century. Tobacco was reformulated into Mu’Assel which is a mix of Tobacco and Honey or Molasses. Shisha was so integrated with the society that Shisha cafes were built to house their ever growing popularity. Shisha was promoted as a community amongst patrons uniting all classes, races and genders alike. It was used as a form of strengthening bonds and forming relationships with people.

The hookah traditions continued to deepen its cultures throughout India, Turkey, the Middle East, Persia and in the neighbouring countries such as Israel, Armenia and Pakistan. However, by the late 1900s Hookah migrated to virtually every continent as immigrants of these countries brought this custom with them to share a piece of their culture to the new world.


In the early 21st century Hookah started to surface in the United states and Australia as early pioneers tried to improve new ways to improve the quality of using modern technology. It was at this time the innovations in different flavour choices were introduced to address the demands of the current-day taste preference and variety.

Shisha Perth

Today, in Australia and around the world, shisha has hardly broken from its tradition as it is still revered as a way to show respect and provide good hospitality as it did 100s of years ago. Flying Monkeys Shisha in Morley has been the torch bearer in the world of Hookah when it comes to Australia. Right from serving classic to innovative forms of Hookah, Flying Monkeys have been epitome of excellence when people search for “Shisha Perth”. Being the best Perth Hookah lounge also has its fair share of stuff which needs to be done, providing a place where all kinds of people are allowed and providing the hospitality that the spirit of Hookah embodies, all of these should be done to the tee. When you think of Hookah bar near me, Flying Monkeys is what you think of.  Hookah is a cultural expression and we are proud to say that we have embodied every single aspect of it.





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