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Western Australia is the most lively and amazing place to live and visit. This region has the most beautiful beaches, sceneries and a lot more. This part is known for being rich too. Australia’s largest gold mine exists there. So with the great wealth, comes great luxuries. Western Australia is known for its lavish nightlife trends and peaceful day time environment. It has bars, cafes, beaches and almost every fun activity to make your visit worth it. Let’s take a look on reasons to choose Western Australia as your next holiday destination.

Summer all year:

The region has a stable weather condition. It never gets too cold or too windy or uncomfortable. Life goes on the whole year in its full swing. Weather is dry and sunny throughout the year. So no snowy restrictions or winter issues to stop you from heading out and live your life as normal. 

Beaches and Islands: 

There are so many beaches and islands in Western Australia. People enjoy swimming with sharks, camping near the sea, breathtaking sunsets and surfing on waves. These places are quite isolated as well so you can have a great time while maintaining your privacy and peace. Visitors can enjoy camel rides on the beach, have barbecue parties and sun bath any time of the year. 

Along with beaches, there are a lot of Islands in Australia as well. People can go there to have some relaxation away from the outside world, stay there for a couple of days and even buy it! Those islands have resorts, diving facilities, small restaurants and a few entertainment sources. People can organize events, get-togethers, destination weddings and family vacations there.


Perth is the capital city of Morley, Western Australia. The city is full of life and is known for its beaches, night life, restaurant and artistic heritage. Tourists can visit the city the whole year so there is no rush season or too much congestion of people any time. If you want to spend some peaceful and quality time with your family, Perth is the best place with amazing cafes and restaurants. Food at Perth is also very good and economical. So the city has everything you need to have a memorable holiday or living. 

West Perth restaurants are a major attraction for locals and tourists. They serve food of different varieties with a comfortable environment. Most tourists visiting Western Australia prefer staying in Perth due to availability of everything at your nearest, its stunning beaches, bars, clubs and everything else.

Unique food culture:

Western Australia has some very unique and tasteful food. Morley restaurants serve the best local food. Cafés in Morley also have global dining options. Famous local food trends include charcoal chicken, kebab restaurants, shisha cafes and you can also find a wide variety of Middle Eastern food in Perth. Food in Perth has a major touch of the Middle East. Menus of most cafes in Morley that serve international cuisine are highly inspired by Middle Eastern dishes

Perth food blogs recommend a few good restaurants in terms of quality food, cozy environment and comfortable surroundings. Flying Monkey in Morley is one of those. This is the most famous among West Perth restaurants for serving the best quality Middle Eastern food. They have a very comfortable and peaceful sitting arrangement, fast and efficient service and an amazing taste. Customers go there to eat, relax and enjoy belly dancing. Shisha is also one of the most famous servings of Flying Monkey. Out of all Western Australia restaurants, they are known for serving the best flavored shisha. 

Peace and Comfort:

Western Australia is not a very congested region. Although tourists from around the world visit, the place is never too crowded. Due to subtle weather, there is no specific season for visiting Western Australia, so people keep visiting the region throughout the year. That makes that place very peaceful and cozy. Beaches, Islands and other places are very good places to enjoy without any hustle. Camping near beaches is a very fun and amazing experience due to less people around. Similarly, diving and surfing are also very delightful activities. Dry and hot weather makes beach days more amusing.


Western Australia is a great place to visit and live. People living there are quite satisfied about their lifestyle and choose not to brag about it. The region is quite rich too. Perth is the heart of Western Australia. The city has all the necessities and accessories of a happy lifestyle along with peace as a plus point. WA welcomes tourists all year long and people there are very friendly and warm. If you’re planning a trip to WA, do pay a visit there and don’t forget to go to Flying Monkey for a memorable experience and quality food. 



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