266 Walter Road West, Morley, Perth

What makes a restaurant and shisha lounge great?

Good food?
Great Ambience?
Terrific shisha?
Drinks for the soul?
And the list goes on and on. In Perth, there are said to be a whole lot of places which provide those things but there is always something which makes a regular aussie say, “Blimey, I wish this would have been better!” . Well there is one place which stands out from the rest of the other restaurant and shisha lounge around Perth which has the historic heritage of serving for the blokes around Australia as well as the quality which makes them come again and again. They are none other than Flying Monkeys Shisha present in Morley.
Allow us to tell you why, let me start with the best parts of it first and then go to the reason why you should visit the place

Perth Hookah Lounge

The biggest highlight of flying monkeys is the time frame to which we are available. We are open from 11 am till 12 am which is more than 12 hours per day and that too on the weekdays till Thursday. The weekends are a whole other thing, on Friday it’s 11 am to 2 am and on Sat – Sun, check this out you would be amazed! From 8.30 am to 2 am, that is a whooping 17 and a half hours to which the place is open. Name another place that does that, we’ll wait!

The next thing, and quite an important one especially for the adults. SHISHA!!!! A good flavour of shisha and amazing quality is something which everyone would want to have and Flying Monkeys have the best shisha in town hands down. We have an amazing supplier in the form of Up in Smoke Perth, those guys are legit people check them out.

Family Restaurant

Here’s one for the family men and women, our place is not just a life of a party. We have something which would please the family which wants to spend it’s weekends having some off time and fun and of course great food. Our middle eastern menu has been praised all over the city with our burgers being the best snack for kids. Flying Monkeys is the only place which gives this kind of variation throughout Perth.

We are a great party place, any kind of parties! Let it be an office party, a fun unlimited party or even a kids party we have got you covered. We even have a blog which has written about the different kinds of parties we host. You check out that blog here.

Here is another huge plus and trust us you are going to love this. Belly Dancing at the weekends and that is an absolute plus. An art which is not just soothing in nature but also helps people watching it relax a lot. Trust us that is a real site to watch and you blokes should not miss it.

Fast Eddys

Flying Monkeys is also the spiritual successor of one of the, if not the best shisha lounge in Perth called Fast Eddys. This makes us one of the best restaurant and shisha lounge in Perth all on itself because of the heritage. They have been on top of the mountain for a very long time and we are very sure that we could keep up with the service that they have provided and take on their mantle. 

These above reasons would pretty much state as to why Flying monkeys are really the best when it comes not only to shisha perth but also for the food and entertainment that they provide to the countless Aussies throughout Perth. Our services have been lauded everywhere and we are sure to only rise by providing the utmost fun that the people of Perth deserve.

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The best shisha and hookah lounge along with the best restaurant service in Perth Australia.

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