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Shisha is a growing trend all around the world. Started from the Middle East and now every country has transformed its flavors and tastes according to their own preferences. They have also become a status symbol and some people also smoke it as a replacement to cigarettes. Perth shisha lounges have also evolved within the past few years. Many restaurants have jumped into the competition in terms of taste, ambience and extras to offer.

Shisha basically originates from the Middle Eastern cultures. Those people are obsessed with shisha smoking. It’s an essential part of their every gathering, regardless of the occasion. With its increasing consumers and suppliers around the world, we can assume that it is something worth a shot. It is safe to try it once and then make an assumption about its pros and cons. 

What shisha actually is? 

They are also known as hookah, is a blend of tobacco and sugar. It’s mixed with different flavors and smoked out of a water pipe. Its different flavors give a pleasant taste to the smoker which misses from the cigarettes. It contains some nicotine in it even though it is not as addictive as cigarettes, it can be if they are used out of control. 

What makes it fun?

Unlike cigarettes, shisha is not smoked alone. It’s more of a group activity. So, every time smokers step out to smoke hookah, they gather their friends to accompany them or hangout with new people in shisha cafes. We can say that shisha smoking time is the best time to hangout with friends, make new friends and socialize with other smokers. Perth hookah lounges have capacities of entertaining large groups over shisha meetings and provide them with a captivating atmosphere so they can enjoy their shisha nights. The ambience along with other means of entertainment, such as belly dancing, privacy and good food, is kept very comfortable and relaxing.

Perth hookah lounges:

Shisha places in Perth are rapidly increasing along with the number of smokers in the region. These cafes are offering a new variety of flavors, better ambience and prices to remain in competition. Regular smokers are their top advertisers as they don’t smoke alone and bring in their other friends too. Perth shisha lounges have become the best places to meet new people and make new partners in such places. Apart from restaurants and cafes, people have bought their own hookah pipes and whole setup to enjoy shisha nights at their homes. It is a tough thing to do and everyone can’t afford that, but some people are doing it. 

Shisha over Cigarettes?

The most highlighted benefit of smoking shisha is that IT’S FUN! People have their own reasons to start using it and then sticking to it. But most people initiated smoking it as a fun activity, hangout idea and being forced by a smoker friend. Shisha smokers are very loyal consumers and believe in increasing their community by engaging their friends and family into it too. But smoking them is not too bad. Here are some advantages of smoking shisha instead of cigarettes:

  • It’s a collective activity, so allows you to spend some quality time with your loved ones. 
  • It offers different varieties of tasty flavors which cigarettes don’t have.
  • It’s addictive but does not get you high like other alcoholic beverages. So, it’s a fairly safer option for a friendly hangout.
  • It is relaxing and slower than smoking cigarettes. You can enjoy it for a longer time. 
  • These places are great socializing spots. 
  • Perth hookah lounges are offering amazing flavors and relaxing ambience to spend some quality time.
  • Shisha culture in Perth is increasing and it’s important to keep up with the trend.
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Best Hookah lounge in Perth:

Although there are plenty of shisha cafes and restaurants in Perth, developing the traditional taste of them with a hint of modern flavors is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes years of experience and expertise to reform that addictive taste. If you are looking for a place that offers the best shisha flavors, along with comfortable and cozy ambience, we are here to help you. Head out to Flying Monkey restaurant in Morley, Perth to enjoy the largest hookah variety and a memorable dining experience. We have a mouth-watering main course menu, amazing appetizers and starters, a variety of drinks and beverages and most importantly, the best shisha flavors in town. Whatever the event is, Flying monkey is all set to serve you in celebrating any big day. It’s the perfect option for weekend hangouts, family gathering, shisha nights and casual dining out.

Flying Monkeys Shisha setup

Final words:

Shisha is a growing trend, and has a lot of health and fun benefits, but we shouldn’t forget that excess of everything is bad. Although it won’t give you any instant side effects, but continuous consumption for a long period of time could be harmful and can be really addictive. It’s good to keep a balanced approach in everything and enjoy them twice in a few months instead of getting addicted to it. 

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